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Everyone wants to live a long, active and fulfilled life. Gaining a deep understanding of how your body works at a molecular level will help you achieve the life you want.

We design personalised regenerative programmes tailored to your unique individual needs and goals.

Products in Bioanalysis

Nutrigenomix & DNA Test

Know your genes. Understand how you should be eating, training and living.

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Microbiome & Gut MOT

Balance your microbiome. It will improve your health, vitality and overall wellbeing.

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Food Intolerance

Understand which foods are good for you.

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Metabolic Testing

Identify your body ability and potential to boost your performance.

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Digital Face & Skin Analysis

In-depth analysis and examination for beautiful and healthy skin.

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Body Potential

Body analysis and 3D body scanning for a toned and enhanced physique.

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Personalised Skincare

Your skincare products based on your DNA.

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Personalised Supplements

Your daily dose of micronutrients based on your DNA.

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