A 360-degree, evidence-based approach and solutions to help people live longer and better.

BelleCell apply research and science to empower and transform people to live longer, healthier, happier lives.

The  offering includes lifestyle medicine and bioinformation based personalised approach to health and wellbeing, fitness, lifestyle and beauty.

A membership model offers high-touch, frequent interactions and deeply rooted relationships with members and guests.

BelleCell’s core focus is cellular optimisation. Vital to all life, cells are the building blocks of every living organism. BelleCell utilises effective solutions to help to minimise cellular damage and improve cellular regeneration.

There are 3 steps to living longer, stronger and better:

  1. Know your body. Accurate data collection
  2. Professional analysis of the data and correct interpretation
  3. Execution of an effective strategy for optimised outcomes

The goal is to  help maintain day to day fitness and wellbeing and reach peak performance, fine-tune  the body to perform at its best and stay on top at work mentally and physically.


  • One-stop-shop – BelleCell provides a space in which advancements in science and technology can be harnessed to provide clients with a deeper understanding of how their bodies work at a molecular level

  • Prevention – the cutting edge metabolic and molecular (including genetic) testing forms the basis for all bespoke regeneration treatments and programmes. 

  • Personalisation – the treatment plans are focused to combat the specific needs and desires of the clients

  • Understanding the goal, whether that’s improving cognitive and physical peak performance for high performing professionals, age control to boost confidence or optimal sports performance to take athletes to the next fitness level


  • BelleCell follows the same principles to marry goals with findings and bridge singular or combination treatments to achieve success


  • Using this information, hyper-personalised programmes are produced, that are designed to enable individuals to live the kind of life they want


  • The clinical team of doctors, nutritionists, therapists and performance experts work closely to analyse bioanalysis findings, providing the most comprehensive insight into clients’ wellbeing on a cellular level

Utilising their combined expertise to create bespoke treatments and programmes as unique to the individual as their genetic makeup.