DNA Personalised Skin Analysis Supplement (Test + Supplements)

Discover your skin’s integrity and genetic disposition to skin ageing. We now know that skin aging is influenced not only by a person’s general lifestyle but also by their genes. These individual differences can often have a significant impact on the aging process.This test will help you determine your genetic variations in relation to skin integrity and skin ageing. You will receive precise information on the factors that cause skin aging problems and how these can be counteracted by an individually adapted intake of certain nutrients. This test includes genetically personalised day serum, night serum and body lotion. Along with 1- month’s supply of genetically personalised daily micro-nutrients.



Anaylsis of your skins collagen degradation rate, collagen production rate, UV protection ability, and skin moisture, as well as the influence of external stressors.
Determine the effect of Q10 has on your skin, the individual selenium requirement, and possible damage caused by inflammatory reactions.
Your skins biological age.
Personalised genetic skincare. Includes a day serum, night serum and body lotion.
Genetically personalised daily micronutrient supplement.


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