DNA Personalised Skincare (reorder)

Day Serum – This serum contains high levels of genetically adjusted concentrations of protective active
ingredients specific to the face and décolleté. Apply as a base it in the morning and continue to
use your favourite cream.

Night serum – This potent serum contains high levels of genetically adjusted concentrations of active ingredients. Apply it in the evening as a night cream to protect your skin and regenerate from the stresses of
the day.

Body lotion – High-fat content body lotion which includes certain nutrients adapted to your genes. To protect
and regenerate the skin on your whole body. Apply the lotion in the evening before going to sleep
or during the day to help with dry skin.


Science has long demonstrated that each person is different and that the care their skin requires
is also different. The results of your gene analysis will enable the laboratory to compile individual
mixtures of active ingredients. In addition to the right composition, various technologies are used
to increase the absorption of this active ingredients.

In this way, your skin can benefit optimally from the application of your personalised cosmetic
Skin ageing is a complex process influenced by hereditary and environmental factors. Recent
studies have revealed that up to 60% of the skin ageing variation can be attributed to genetic
factors, while the remaining 40% is due to non-genetic factors such as lifestyle and environmental

Our genetic testing investigates factors such as:
• Collagen degradation;
• Collagen production;
• UV Protection;
• Skin moisture;
• Oxidative stress;
• Inflammatory reactions;
• Biological skin age.

Frequently occurring errors in our genes, so-called gene variants, interfere with their function
which leads to an acceleration of one or more factors of ageing. Currently, more than 20 different
genetic variations are known that affect more than eight different factors of skin ageing.


Collagen is a protein your body naturally produces and it plays a key role in skin structure and
support. The removal of old collagen and collagen biosynthesis keeps the collagen fresh and
functional, and allows the skin to remain firm. There are mechanisms which break down and
remove old collagen from the skin and building instructions which control the production of new
The enzyme collagenase is responsible for the breakdown and removal of collagen and the MMP1
gene controls exactly how the enzyme has to be built and how much of the enzyme should be
In the same way that the collagen is broken down and removed, there are mechanism that
control the production of collagen and the enzyme responsible for these is the enzyme prolidase.
But there are disruptive factors that will prevent the enzyme prolidase from producing collagen
The individual products contain several ingredients that may block on the MMP1 gene and thus
slow down the breakdown of collagen and counteract the disruptive factors responsible for
collagen production.

Loss of skin elasticity is a natural part of the ageing process. Skin elasticity is the skin’s ability to
stretch and get back to its original shape . Loss of skin elasticity, also known as elastosis, causes the
skin to look saggy or leathery and is accelerated by environmental and lifestyle factors such as sun
exposure and poor nutrition.
The individual products contain ingredients such as hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and
antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals and also block an enzyme called elastase that
breaks down elastin.

A radiant skin is associated with healthy and well-rested skin. Skin tone, luminosity and
discoloration can all have an effect on the natural appearance of radiant skin and the best way to
enhance this is to address these common concerns using a comprehensive approach to skincare.
In order to enhance skin radiance, high concentration of powerful boosters are added to your
skincare such as Vitamin C for its brightening and antioxidant properties, Vitamin E for its
regenerative properties and Alpha Lipoic Acid a powerful antioxidant which increases the
production of collagen and improved texture of the skin.

Skin ageing is related to environmental factors, genetic makeup, nutrition and other factors.
Most changes are related to sun exposure and oxidative stress and prevention is a lifelong process.
Through normal metabolism and sun damage, free radicals are constantly created in the skin and
these substances are considered a major cause of ageing skin. Antioxidant genes such as GSTs
and SOD2 combat free radicals so these substances are usually neutralized soon after they are
produced. If some of these genes are dysfunctional, free radicals can cause permanent damage
resulting in accelerated ageing.

The formulation has been carefully selected to provide the skin with the necessary and the right
dose of antioxidants in order to restore the lacking protection and combat harmful free radicals.


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